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If You've Been Frustrated by Painting,
You're in the Right Place

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Does this sound like

  • You want to know the secret to paint X (clouds, animals, landscape, waves, etc)
  • You can follow a tutorial but I'm not sure how to paint on your own. 
  • You don't know what's wrong with your painting, can you help?
  • Something isn't quite right, but you don't know what.
  • Ack! What do I do with a white canvas?
  • Why isn't this beautiful scene PRETTY?
  • My colors seems all muddy, gah!

It's okay, i've been there too.


Does this sound like


Learn to go from idea to beautiful painting in 6 weeks




We ALL start as

create your own painting

Use my step-by-step framework to find your own reference photos and turn them into beautiful paintings you can show your family and friends.

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Enroll and get instant access to the learning platform. Over the next 6 weeks, your lessons will be delivered each Sunday. Log in to learn at your own pace, and join us for the live Q+A once a week!

start learning

Pause, rewind, speed it up, and take it at your own pace! Videos are available for 1 year after your purchase. A new module will drop each week for 6 weeks.

practice the concepts

Watch the lessons to see the WHY behind each step. Then practice with the painting demonstration to see how it works in action.

How It Works:

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your guide on this journey 

Hi, I'm Shelby

I too spent far too many years and too much money trying to create beautiful paintings.

For years I thought some technique or special (and expensive!) supply would get me where I needed to go.

But over the years I developed a 3 Step Process to paint ANYTHING. 

Cats? Yep. Flowers? You got it. Landscapes? No problem.

Now, after painting professionally for 15 years, teaching thousands of students, and selling my art worldwide, I'm ready to go behind the scenes and show you how complete a painting start to finish.

Week 1

The Right Materials

Knowing your materials, and where to invest in your supplies will make save you time, energy, frustration, and money.  

The goal?

For you to feel confident in your creative practice. To fall in LOVE with painting and to develop your own, unique style that you can feel proud of.

Plus - we'll paint something sweet to entice us liven up our studios over the next few weeks.

week 2

How to Paint Anything

Yes, ANY thing.

In this module I will introduce you my 3-step framework that I have been using for over 10 years to paint everything from palm trees to landscapes to colorful animals!

Once you start to understand this framework, you too can paint anything your heart desires.

We'll also paint a sunny treat to remind us of what we can achieve.

week 3 & 4


Imagine that your paintings were so dynamic that they had people swooning from across the room.

It all starts with a good foundation - the composition.

We will go deep into this topic so that you can create strong paintings that sing. 

We will break through any hesitation you have about specific subjects by exploring more subjects - landscapes and flowers. 

week 5


If muddy colors trouble you, have no fear!

In this module you will learn to mix the color you want, EVERY time.

I will demystify those tricky color combinations and show. you how to make ANY color you want with just
5 tubes of paint. (Yes, really!)

Then, you will reinforce this lesson by exploring a beautiful landscape. 

week 5

Advanced Techniques

Now that you have the foundations to paint anything you want, I will show you some advanced techniques that you can explore throughout your practice.

Don't be intimidated - anyone can use these techniques! 

In this final module we will cover some new materials and experiment with the different effects you can  create without a paintbrush.

6 Guided painting tutorials

Here's What You'll Paint:

  • You can follow a tutorial but you're not sure how to paint on my own. 
  • You're worries you are too old to learn something new .
  • You used to draw or paint but it's been years.
  • You get overwhelmed by all the new art supply choices!
  • You're curious but nervous and don't know where to start.
  • You want to meet and support others in their journeys

This is for you


  • You walk into the studio with confidence, know exactly which paints and brushes to grab, and come out with paintings you are proud to show to friends and family 
  • You have a clearly developed sense of unique style
  • You are selling your work on a regular basis
  • You think art takes "talent"
  • You're not willing to let go of imperfections
  • You don't want to try something new
  • You'd rather go it alone by searching through free YouTube videos

This might not be for you


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i really paint ANYTHING?

Yup. Seriously.

Whether you are painting people, apples, landscapes, pets, spaceships? - you name it - my 3 step process is the SAME. 

Fun fact (since you made it this far): I used this framework to paint an oil rig once. 
No matter what you want to paint that is representational, you can use this framework in any of your artwork.

It's that simple. Here's the Oil Rig for proof:

How long is this course?

The course is 6-weeks long but you will have access to all of the materials for a full year.

I’ve never painted before. Can I really do this course?

Never picked up a paintbrush? No problem! 
This course is perfect if you are:
  • A complete beginner
  • Starting again after a long break from painting
  • Curious about acrylics but unfamiliar with the supplies
  • Feeling “rusty” or insecure in your painting practice
  • Needing a little framework and encouragement to jumpstart your creativity
  • Looking for a supportive community who understand your similar challenges

Still unsure? I have a secret for you…

Art is not a talent. It is a learned SKILL. EVERYONE starts from scratch and at some point, we were all once complete beginners. The hardest part is starting, and committing to consistent practice. In Confident Acrylics, we’ve got your back!

What is NOT included?

Confident Acrylics will give you the framework to guide your acrylic painting practice.
This course does NOT include:
❌ One-on-one instruction
❌ One-on-one critiques / feedback
❌ Automatic enrollment in our Fall workshop*
❌ Membership in the Creative Circle*

*Students will have the option to enroll in these courses before they are open to the public!

any other questions?

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