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Does this sound like

  • You want to know the secret to painting X (clouds, animals, landscape, waves, etc.)
  • You can follow a tutorial but then your mind goes blank when you paint on your own.
  • You don't know what's wrong with your painting, help!
  • Something isn't quite right, but you don't know what.
  • Ack! What do I do with a white canvas?
  • Why isn't this beautiful scene PRETTY?
  • My colors all seem muddy!

I totally get it, because I was there too!


Let me 


go from idea to beautiful painting in 8 weeks



your guide on this journey 

Hi, I'm Shelby

For years I thought some technique or special (and expensive!) supply would get me where I needed to go.

I too spent far too many years and too much money trying to create beautiful paintings.

But over the years I developed a 3 Step Process to paint ANYTHING. 

Pets? Yep. Flowers? You got it. Landscapes? No problem.

Now, after painting professionally for 15 years, teaching thousands of students, and selling my art worldwide, I'm ready to go behind the scenes and show you how complete a painting start to finish.

I love the ease of her teaching. She also talks about where she has her own problems and I completely relate. She doesn’t make me feel like I can’t be my own artist. Her encouragement is amazing. –Kristin L

Shelby demystifies the process. She makes painting approachable and she's very relatable. She teaches you that mistakes are normal and that you can work with whatever you have at your disposition to still make a great painting. - Sandra

Basically Shelby sneaks in so many important aspects of painting, preparing, seeing, mixing etc. all with a gentle hand and nonjudgmental approach. –Patt A.

Our students are just Plain Having fun:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i really paint ANYTHING?

Yup. Seriously.

Whether you are painting people, apples, landscapes, pets, spaceships? - you name it - my 3 step process is the SAME. 

Fun fact (since you made it this far): I used this framework to paint an oil rig once. 
No matter what you want to paint that is representational, you can use this framework in any of your artwork.

It's that simple. Here's the Oil Rig for proof:

How long is this course?

The course is 8 weeks long but you will have access to all of the materials for a full year.

What is the schedule?

Lessons begin on Monday, Feb 5th and and end on March 30th, 2024. New content is released on Mondays, and there are two implementation weeks to help you dig into the content and really learn. We meet for a live Q&A (optional) on Thursdays throughout the course at 1 pm EST.

I’ve never painted before. Can I really do this course?

Never picked up a paintbrush? No problem! 
This course is perfect if you are:
  • A complete beginner
  • Starting again after a long break from painting
  • Curious about acrylics but unfamiliar with the supplies
  • Feeling “rusty” or insecure in your painting practice
  • Needing a little framework and encouragement to jumpstart your creativity
  • Looking for a supportive community who understand your similar challenges

Still unsure? I have a secret for you…

Art is not a talent. It is a learned SKILL. EVERYONE starts from scratch and at some point, we were all once complete beginners. The hardest part is starting, and committing to consistent practice. In Confident Acrylics, we’ve got your back!

What is NOT included?

Confident Acrylics will give you the framework to guide your acrylic painting practice.
This course does NOT include:
❌ One-on-one instruction
❌ One-on-one critiques / feedback
❌ Membership in the Creative Circle*

*Students will have the option to enroll in this membership before it opens to the public!

any other questions?

Email us at Email is the best way to get in touch!