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Creative Circle

The Creative Circle has the potential to change your life.
To give you confidence, teach you new skills, and help you discover the artist within you.


"I just want to say, Thank You.
You have sparked something inside of me. Not sure yet what it is exactly, but your gentle guidance and raw honesty is very special."

- Patt

- Tracy

"Shelby, I appreciate you showing us how to be our best self in painting."

"Creative Circle and you gave me the courage, inspiration to actually start to paint rather than just dream about doing it. Thank you!! It's such a great group - diverse and so supportive. I'm getting my priorities straight. Creating my art is now a reality. 😊"

- Lynda

"This course has been such an amazing motivator! I have really appreciated the way you have broken things down and your positivity!"

- Brandi

"I feel like I am in a new groove that haven’t felt in a decade or more. Sincerely I thank you Shelby for helping me break thru a nearly 40 year block."

- Rose