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    Hi, I'm Shelby

    For years I thought some technique or special (and expensive!) supply would get me where I needed to go.

    I too spent far too many years and too much money trying to create beautiful paintings. I didn't realize it came down to lots of practice, a great teacher, and having a community to support you.

    Now, after painting professionally for 15 years, teaching thousands of students, and selling my art worldwide, I'm ready to go behind the scenes and show you how to improve your skills to THRIVE as an artist.

    I want to share a bit of my journey as a member of the Creative Circle. I had taken a few other online classes and attempted a bit on my own. Watching and listening to that first workshop I knew that CC was the support and resource I needed and hopefully would use.

    I wish I had carved out time for being an artist years ago when I was raising my children and working. I believe that it would have helped me be a better mother, teacher, person.

    A few of the benefits I have received from being a Creative Circle member:
    Creating my own paintings
    Cheering others on
    Sharing my knowledge, perspective
    Knowing I can still learn
    Surprising myself

    Sandy Is Taking Time for Herself:

    Patt is Gaining Confidence!

    Join the creative circle

    Looking forward to this years progress. I actually think my growth as an artist has come with just sitting down and listening and trying and arriving today with confidence to give most things “a go”. I couldn’t have done this without the instructions and knowledge that Shelby Dillion so generously shares. - Patt

    And More!


    Our weekly lessons are delivered on Wednesdays and if they are live, they are available within 24 hours on the learning dashboard. (Subject to change depending on schedules)

    Something different every week to help you make PROGRESS

    1 Full Original painting

    live Q&A and group critique

    1 Teaching lesson

    Month You Get:

    1 Small LIVE Demo

    Here are some of the project demonstrations you can expect each month:

    Painting Lessons

    With new videos each month, expect to learn new skills and apply them toward different subject matter to expand your practice. We cover a wide range of subjects so that you can try all kinds of different techniques!

    Our students are just Plain Having fun:

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    who can join?

    The short answer: ANYONE! The Creative Circle is a monthly membership for curious souls looking to enrich their lives and explore the possibilities and gratification of a lifelong artistic practice. 

    Whether you are a true beginner just starting out in your creative practice, someone who has painted before but may be a little rusty, or an artist who is looking to level-up in their skills and find your artistic style, the Creative Circle has resources to support you.

    Is there a schedule for monthly content?

    The Creative Circle has a monthly theme that we will explore over four (4) weeks. You can view the syllabus here:

    • Week 1: Skill Builder - an exercise to develop or revisit a fundamental piece of your creative practice
    • Week 2: Small Painting Demonstration - Shelby shows you how to apply the month’s skills in a small tutorial meant to be done in less than an hour!
    • Week 3: Full Length Painting Demonstration - A pre-recorded start to finish of a full  painting that usually runs 1-2 hours
    • Week 4: Live Q&A/Group Critique - chat with Shelby and your fellow Circle members via Zoom

    Can I cancel at any time?

    Membership is month-to-month, so you may cancel at any time. Should you have to cancel, we can discontinue membership but are unable to refund any months already paid. You will have access to the course materials through the end of the month paid.

    There are no refunds on annual memberships.

    Do I have to have Facebook to join?

    Facebook is not required to join the reactive Circle, but will serve as the central meeting place where you can share your progress, seek feedback from your fellow creatives, and participate in our Live Q&A sessions. All of the Live videos will be recorded so don’t fret if you can’t make it!

    When can I join?

    There will be periodic enrollment periods when you can join the Creative Circle. The next time it will be available is late 2024. Be sure to sign up for our waitlist so you don’t miss the next opportunity!

    How is the content delivered?

    We have a beautifully designed, dedicated website with course content, including video demonstrations, instruction packets, and resources to help you learn and thrive. The Creative Circle (private) Facebook group is your place to share your progress, seek feedback from your fellow creatives, and participate in our Live Q&A sessions. Your participation is self-paced, so don’t worry about missing out - it will all be there when you are ready.

    May I purchase this membership as a gift?

    Yes! Please contact us to purchase a gift membership.

    Is there a live class each week?

    This will be a self-paced class with a combination of recorded video demonstrations, PDF instruction packets, and live sessions to answer your questions.

    Is the live chat available only during the class?

    The Live chats are your opportunity to work with me and your peers through your individual painting challenges. There is still plenty of learning and feedback available if you miss them though - we will have a Facebook community where everyone can support each other and we will be checking in regularly to answer questions and provide guidance. Each module will have a comment section as well, where specific questions are addressed.

    What if I am already a member of The Painting of the month Club?

    Awesome! The Painting of the Month club (POM) is an added bonus to being a member of the Creative Circle. When you join, you will ALSO get access to all of the past POM paintings in our vault! 

    No need to cancel POM. We'll take care of it!

    $45 ($450/yr) will be drafted at checkout and all future monthly payments will reflect your upgrade to the Creative Circle.

    If you would like to make sure your POM membership has been cancelled email: and we confirm that for you.