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Want to learn to paint, but don't have the time?

Take your skills to the next level with new techniques to help you paint bold and loose. With easy to follow, step-by-step instructional videos, Shelby's weekly videos will show you how to express the artist within, no matter your skill level. 

Join Shelby Dillon each week for a quick lesson and learn to paint with acrylics

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Are you a beginning artist? It’s never too late to start painting! 

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Pause, rewind, speed it up, and take it at your own pace! Videos are available for 1 month after airing live. A new video is available each week!

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You want to learn to paint,
but you don't know where to

  • I don’t have enough time to paint!
  • I can’t draw, so how can I possibly paint? 
  • I am too old to paint.
  • I don’t know what colors to mix!
  • I’m feeling uninspired.
  • I don’t even know what supplies to get!
  • I have never even held a paintbrush before, can this really help me?

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like you?

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painting of the week club

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Painting of the Week Club

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