Are you standing in your own way?

We’re all guilty of it: Negative self-talk.

The kind that affects our mentality and our actions. Creatives can be the worst with this!

At some point or another, you will hit a slump in your practice or get stuck on a project and start to beat yourself up about it. You tell yourself things like “I’m no good” and other disparaging beliefs that you would NEVER say to someone else who is learning and trying!

Can you imagine berating a toddler who falls while learning to walk?

Or expecting a child who is just learning to read, to be able to write a novel?

It sounds absurd when you put it that way, but when you think about it, many of our struggles [in art] are no different! If you are a novice painter, how can you possibly create a perfect reproduction of an old master’s? If you’ve never painted a cloud before, what makes you think your first sky painting will be realistic?

So next time you start to fall into that self-talk spiral, pause for a moment and try this little mantra:

I Am Worthy.




When you come from a place of worth and abundance, your creations will exude that joy. Your artwork will shine as uniquely yours and your self-pride will compound, until eventually you no longer compare yourself to others.

Make it a point to seek out YOUR style. Stay authentic and start feeling good about your artwork!

Remember: In this journey, YOU set the pace. Leave those self-limiting thoughts and behaviors behind and enjoy the ride!

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