Have you ever looked at your paintings and felt like something is off?

Chances are, it’s the composition that needs work. When laying out your composition, a few things to consider are:

  • Where’s the focal point?
  • Is there enough variety of forms and sizes?
  • Is the perspective accurate?
  • Are there any tangents?

Really examine your painting to see what can be improved. If you’re a total beginner and not sure what you’re looking for, stick with me! I give a lot of tips about composition in my weekly lessons.

We have an entire unit on composition in the Creative Circle*, but here’s a quick tip to help train your eye towards more dynamic paintings.

The Creative Circle is our monthly membership group that offers weekly painting lessons, guided tutorials, mindsets, and a tight-knit community of painters who share and support one another. Interested in learning more about this amazing membership? Check it out here.

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