The Secret to a Beautiful Color Palette

What if I told you the secret to painting with living color… had nothing to do with color?

Yup. Color is unimportant.

…Okay, maybe not totally unimportant, but what’s more important is value.

Value is a measure of the lightness or darkness of a particular color. For a refresher on how to determine the values of a scene, read our blog post on How To See Value.

Your eyes see value first and color second. As long as you get the value correct, your eyes will make all kinds of allowances for fun colors.

So, the first step to achieving creative color in your paintings is to determine their values. Find where each color falls on the value scale. Then you can start to play!

Consider how the colors in this painting feel harmonious
Converting the image to grayscale demonstrates the value of each color and we see a nice balance

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